The Human Greenhouse

The Sphinx Medical Group is a physician-owned and multi-specialty group that has been providing comprehensive healthcare in Edmonton since 2008. As they prepared to locally expand their operations, SMG wanted to refocus and reiterate the craft they'd soon introduce to budding communities.

Our inspiration for SMG's rebrand blossomed from the Roman origins of the Greenhouse.

Traditionally a regulated space to supply plants with a quality lifecycle, our aim was to design an enclosed microcosm where patients could be nurtured in the same way.

We've aimed to curate an atmosphere of Warmth, Serenity and Peace at Sphinx Medical through the execution of a delicate and austere environment. By utilizing natural elements, textures and transparency, we wanted to create a modern and simple concept which humbles itself towards a commitment to healing.

With a focus towards family, love and care, we've created a logo which places that sentiment at the heart of Sphinx's clinical practice. We've set out to cultivate a memorable experience for both vetted and first-time patients by introducing branded merchandise for giveaways. Memorabilia such as totes, notebooks and mugs can be distributed to foster a more personal connection with patients and concurrently reinforce brand awareness.

As the front line of Sphinx Medical Group, we wanted practicing medics to enact the role of brand ambassadors as well. We've recreated uniforms, business cards and letterheads that seamlessly integrate the logo to bring SMG's patient-centred practice to the forefront.


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