Sleep with Eyes Open

Insomnia is a China-based retailer, previously wholesaling a variety of brands and now endeavouring to recreate a stand-alone brand. Founded by a group of creative artists and graphic designers, Insomnia was built as an anthem to the imbalance between the personal and professional life. Paying homage to the rising class of the modern young worker, Insomnia's slogan " I Can't Sleep" paints the angst of the curious young worker as they pursue harmony between work and freedom.

For this project, we focused on differentiating Insomnia's identity as an e-commerce retailer through their unique packaging. We've built a brand mark on top of the primary logo design to reaffirm the brand message. The use of repeated asymmetrical design forges undertones of irregularity and interruption to natural patterns, sustaining emotions of curiosity.

By delving into the e-commerce scene in China, we've researched and created a strategy with Insomnia on how to secure a unique offering within their industry. In considering how to target their clients, our strategy opted to visually charge their original ideas into a thought provoking and relatable design. The monochrome 'z' motif makes a reappearance on the packaging, gift boxes and wrapping, accompanied with the 'sleeping eye' to capture the same core message across several campaigns.


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