New Name, New Brand

Hi Tea Hi Chicken is a Taiwanese juice bar skilled in concocting elaborate bubble teas, milkshakes and chicken. Dedicated to the artistry of preparation, the array of Hi Tea's vast entrees invites the consumer into a realm of intrigue and bewitchment.

For this complete package, we've refashioned the entire Hi Tea experience from signage to interior design. Our vision for this rebrand was to create an illuminated space that provided customers with the incentive to enjoy more than just their order.

The freshly designed interior welcomes shrub and bamboo accents to a clean, architectural aesthetic. We've aimed to create a polished interior, while still exuding an inviting and wholesome atmosphere. The elegant flair of the space hints at the allusion Hi Tea's new name pays to the England tradition of afternoon "High Tea".

Inspiration for this logo branched from the very offering that brought the company together. Rather than frivolous icons, we've brought the focus back to Hi Tea's mastery in mixology.  The goal was to illuminate a vivid depiction of Hi Tea's culture in the most immediate way possible. Clear, distinctive symbols portray Hi tea's workmanship with ease, while the simplicity of the signage is both effortless and enticing.


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