What Makes A Successful Brand?



While it's true that a variety of different factors contribute to the success of a brand, there are three key qualities that build champion brands with inevitable character. Successful brands are built on relevant offerings, consistent identities and engaged customers. While it sounds like a simple combination, these three traits have a heavy impact on brand success.

What Contributes To A Successful Brand?

1. Unique Value Proposition

Of course if you're offering a product or service, you've somehow identified the potential need for someone, somewhere. However, it's not necessarily the need that entices customers, but the unique spin you’ll add. How are you offering your product/service? What makes your offering different than your competitors? That special unique aspect is your value proposition, and the core of your brand. This has been offered in the form of product features, customizations, promised lifestyles and much more. Highlighting this proposition not only sets your brand apart, but indicates that you've really considered your customers by offering something extra that will either enhance a solution or alleviate an issue.

2. Brand Voice and Identity

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash 2. Brand Voice and Identity

The one key to success that most brand owners are aware of is solidifying a brand voice and Identity. This is such a crucial step as, believe it or not - visual identity is now one of the first things customers are looking for. Visual identity is crucial in building brand recognition, while brand voice is important in drawing in like-minded customers. The same way you'd find a friend in someone similar to yourself, customers find solace in brands they mesh with. Similar lifestyles, values and even humour can be that extra feature that sets your brand apart from the next. Customers recognize authenticity, and welcome it with open arms. Make sure to choose an identity that is not only captivating, but embodies all the best aspects of your business.

3. Brand Members

This could include anyone from employees to loyal customers - brand members are those advocates who are promoters of your brand. Loyalty programs are a great way to break through the noise of constant advertising and become a community-oriented brand. Community brands are companies who do not just advertise their loyalty programs as purchasing incentive, but as a membership or league of like- minded people. This may be VIP events connecting other dedicated customers, or focus groups where brand representatives have direct contact with their customers. Regardless, the quality that attracts loyal customers beyond loyalty incentives is the feeling of being heard and interacted with. Brands who actively contact and interact with their loyal customers build relationships both ways, and avoids becoming sound-absorbing brands. Social Media has become a great tool for brands to build trust with their customers. From polls, to announcements, to impromptu feedback, brands are expected now more than ever to continue a dialogue with their customers, and brands are seeing the magnitude of trust built through the process.

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