The ABC’s of Branding: User Interfaces (UI)



UI stands for  "User Interface", and refers to everything a user may interact with when acquiring a digital product or service. This will include aspects like typography, icons, buttons and colors. UI focuses on the presentation of a website - from aesthetics to predictable design, UI designers are responsible for the presentation and comprehensive elements of a website. Proper UI design should be somewhat interactive and engaging, encouraging viewers to journey through your site in a logical flow.

Why is UI important in Branding?

Brands are now expected to offer a digital experience that is just as intuitive as their in-person experience. Brands that opt for a solely digital presence can feel the pressure of employing great UI design even more. There is now an assumption that customer experiences should be seamless across all platforms, and websites are expected to pick up on all cognitive cues during viewer processing. UI design can be seen as yet another stabilizer in solidifying your brand power. Customers are more prone to interact with sites that not only deliver the right information, but in the most appealing (yet still legible) way.

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Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Instilling good UI design can also help your brand with reaffirming consistency. Especially in cases where your design supports usability, ease of navigation and viewers journeying through your site for themselves, UI can help solidify your brand identity. UI can also help you to position your brand as helpful. By presenting info in relevant, digestible tid-bits from most to least important, viewers experience ease of use with your site and trust your brand to deliver information in the most palatable way possible.

Honing UI Design

The key to excellent UI is that it should be seamless and invisible. Users shouldn't be able to identify what makes your website great, but should be integrated as a part of their entire journey with your brand. From alignments and animations to colours and fonts, there should be reasoning behind your selections, and that reason should be your users.

Take a look at some of these interfaces to get a better grasp of intuitive UI design.

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