The ABC's of Branding: Brand Names



Every brand needs that name that just 'clicks'.

Tied with the logo, brand names are the most recognizable component of a strong brand. The most popular brands have found a way to create a strong logo that embodies their name. Your brand name is (dare I say) the most important component, as it should explain the nature of your brand, your mission, or vision. In addition, your name can act as the compass that determines the rest of the visual guidelines for the brand. Most brand names have some sort of meaning behind them, while others may carry no meaning at all, depending on their industry.

But think about it - would you be as compelled to engage with a brand that has a bad brand name?

Probably not.

Usually, the difference between the best and worst brand names is the skill of choosing something clever, relevant and catchy.

Photo in front of Gucci Store

Most Common Ways to Build a Brand Name

Founder-Based Names

Compound Names



Mythical Referencing Names

Made-up Words


Foreign Words

Other popular types of brand names include Suffixes (Spotify), Misspelled words (Tumblr), Homonyms (Apple), and Partnerships (Procter & Gamble).

Knowing the nature and personality of your brand will help you determine what type of naming method to use for your brand. For instance, using misspelled or made-up words for a legal based brand might not go so well, as people may not take your brand seriously. However, if you're operating out of a more creative industry, a boring and straight forward name won’t do the trick against your competitors.

Take a look at some of the worst brand names, see if you can figure out why they were classified that way and don’t make the same mistakes!


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