Super Bowl 2019 Ads: Hits and Misses



It's Super Bowl Season!

Besides the actual game itself, one of the most anticipated parts of the broadcast are the ads. It isn't a secret that companies are vying for commercial spots in the football extravaganza. This year, a 30 second ad for the Super Bowl cost anywhere between $4.5 to $5.3 million USD.

While  53 ads in total made the cut for the Super Bowl this year, how many of these ads made the cut for viewers?

Here's our top 10 Hits and Misses for the Super Bowl Ads of 2019


1. Pepsi - "More than OK"

Whoever came up with this commercial was probably a Coca-Cola drinker themselves. If you, or one of your friends have never heard "Is Pepsi Okay?" when ordering a coke, you're lying. Putting their own spin on a phrase that places them t second best was both relatable and bold. Even funnier was including celebrities like Cardi B and Lil Jon (and now Steve Carrell) who have their own catch phrases for why Pepsi is "Okurr".

2. Stella Artois - "I'll have a Stella Artoes"

Two iconic characters ordering something outside of their signature drink? Clever. The ad used a bit more implicit humour, showing the characters played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges ordering a Stella Artois instead of their regular Cosmopolitan and White Russian. I think the irony of the ad will prove that an Artois is worth branching out.

3. Colgate

With how close he was standing, you could already smell Luke Wilson's breath and thank Colgate for saving you. I'm sure we all know someone who could use a little Colgate.

4. Bumble - Serena Williams

In a day where gender equality continues to take leaps and bounds, using Serena Williams to champion girls making the first move in social connections was both fitting, empowering, and clever for the tagline "women, the ball is in your court".

5. Pringles

Amazon's Alexa makes a funny cameo with an existential crisis.

6. Google - 100 Billion Words

This was a heartwarming yet thought-provoking ad, which succeeded in highlighting how Google brings us together. Revealing that the most translated phrases were "how are you", "thank you" and "I love you" helps position Google as a tool dedicated to connecting others.

7. Verizon - The Coach That Wouldn't be Here

An impactful message calling to cease the repetition of history.

8. NFL 100 - The 100 Year Game

The 90 second ad went big for the 100th season, and was a party for both previous and current players. It seemed perfectly fitting to watch a spirited NFL ad at the Super Bowl.

9. Amazon - Not Everything Makes the Cut

The fact that Amazon could admit to some mistakes shows they didn't take themselves too seriously. In fact, it showed Amazon's openness to improvement, consumer testing and continual innovation.

10. Microsoft

This ad wasn't for a product, but a necessity. The inclusion of the kids themselves explaining the need for the product was real and inspiring. Also, who doesn't love cute kids?


1. Pampers

2. Avocados from Mexico - Top Dog

3. Bud Light - Corn Syrup

4. The Twilight Zone

5. Olay - Killer Skin 

6. Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer


7. Hyundai - The Elevator

8. Sprint

9. Hulu - The Handmaid's Tale

10. Wix - Karlie Kloss

Ads that didn't quite touchdown, but were memorable

1. Burger King - Andy Warhol

2. Michelob Ultra - Zoe Kravitz

3. Planters - Mr. Peanuts is Always there in Crunch Time

4. The Washington Post - Democracy Dies in Darkness

5. Turbotax

6. Bubly - Michael Bublé

7. Doritos - I Want it that Way

8. Mint Mobile - Chunky Milk

9. Marvel - Endgame

10. Bud Light - Game of Thrones


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