5 Well Branded Businesses in Edmonton (Part Two)



We’re back again for the second half of our 10 Well-Branded Businesses in Edmonton segment. While the list could continue for quite a while, these next 5 businesses caught our eye with their skillful branding.

5 More Well-Branded Businesses in Edmonton:

<img alt="District cafe and Bakery logo">

6. District

With their polished image, District has has become a cafe and bakery favorited by a broad spectrum of customers. Their branding masters the line between casual and professional, creating a brand that welcomes both business and casual culture. We also love a classic, crested logo as a perfect and timeless brand stamp.

Instagram: @districtcafeyeg

<img alt="ampersand 27 logo">

7. Ampersand 27

As a semi casual joint, Ampersand 27 has experimented with the art of visual recognition. With a simple short form for their name, their logo is both recognizable and easy to transfer onto branded materials. The company’s short form attracts both curiosity and intrigue, and positions the brand as luxurious and exclusive.

Facebook: @ampersand27yeg

Instagram: @ampersand27yeg

<img alt="division 12 logo">

8. Division 12

A unique company to Edmonton, Division 12 is one of a kind with a dedication to artistry and architectural craftsmanship. The company has fully grasped the balance of minimalism in both their online feeds and product design. Their execution of minimalist image has been carefully considered as it allows for attention towards the detail of each product.

Facebook: @Div12furniture

Instagram: @division_12

<img alt="yeg cycle spin studio logo">

9. YEG Cycle

The branding for YEG Cycle's Spin Studio has succeeded in creating an inclusive community and dedicated customer following. By creating a blog as well, YEG Cycle has reaffirmed their promise to create an environment dedicated to helping each other. From fun topics like “The Twelve days of Spinmas” to sharing their favourite playlists, their branding is passionate, fun, and of course, showcases the spin family.

Facebook: @yegcycle

Instagram: @yegcycle

<img alt="gravitypope logo">

10. Gravitypope

Now expanded to Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, gravitypope has become renowned for providing footwear, clothing and accessories with an aesthetic edge. Gravitypope tells a continuous story with compelling campaigns, like their recent “Real Love” series for Valentine’s day. The company has succeeded in becoming a lifestyle brand with their use of authentic voices, unique captures and everyday people, making the luxury brand platonic and inviting.  

Facebook: @gravitypope

Instagram: @gravitypope

Mastering the art of branding can be daunting, but it's not impossible - just take a look at these brands. Edmonton is becoming a scene rich with ambitious entrepreneurs, skillful curators and fearless innovators. These leaders have discovered the key to building a coherent brand by knowing their audience, knowing themselves and supporting their brand through every business venture.


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