5 Well Branded Businesses in Edmonton (Part One)



Our recent blogs, we’ve discussed creating recognizable brand guidelines, and the power behind providing a unique brand experience, but what better way to understand than with relatable examples? Everyday, you’re surrounded with great examples of branding, but have you taken the chance to look locally? Don’t get us wrong, building a coherent brand identity is not easy at all, so we can’t overlook local brand champions who are killing the game.

5 Well Branded Edmonton-Based Businesses (Part One):

<img alt="Buff Wax Spot Logo">

1. Buff Wax Spot

Buff Wax Spot is a wax bar specializing in full body waxing for both women and men. Relatively new to the Edmonton scene, Buff has earned a place for themselves with a distinct voice and coherent identity. Their friendly yet professional tone is welcoming, and builds the trust needed to let them work their magic.

Facebook: @buffwaxspot

Instagram: @buffwaxspot

<img alt="La Boule Logo">

2. La Boule

La Boule is a French-inspired bakery specializing in pastries, and confectioneries. Not only have they honed the art of presentation, but art of logo placement as well. With their simple yet meaningful brand stamp, La Boule has a fully specialized experience through branded cups, stickers and more.

Facebook: @laboulebakery

Instagram: @laboulebakery

<img alt="Baijiu Logo">

3. Baijiu

Baijiu, a Chinese cocktail and eatery has designed an exclusive in-house experience. By curating their atmospherics, the eatery has made their restaurant into a moodboard for a semi-retro, hip hop culture. The ambiance in itself is their power tool, which only makes the rest of their brand imagery so easy to grasp.

Facebook: @Baijiu

Instagram: @baijiu_yeg

<img alt="Observatory Opticians Logo">

4. Observatory Opticians

Dedicated to the love of glasses, the Observatory Opticians have created a brand culture that focuses on the craftsmanship and artistry of every frame. Their branding is clean and simple, and looking through their platforms, it's easy to see the heart of their practice. Close-ups and artistic shots showcase the complexity of their luxury glasses, and speak to glasses as a lifestyle, rather than an accessory.

Facebook: @observatoryeyes

Instagram: @observatoryeyes

<img alt="Wilfred's Logo">

5. Wilfred’s

Wilfred’s, a casual diner and bar, describes themselves as “bright [and] sunny”, and their branding shows no less. You can actually feel the sunshine while looking through their platforms, and the use of their mascot, Wilfred the Bear, humanizes their brand. The use of vibrant hues and bright pastels emanates the warmth of the community and culture they’ve aimed to create.

Facebook: @eatwilfreds

Instagram: @eatwilfreds

Stay tuned for Part Two!

In the meantime, take the time to appreciate the businesses in your own hometowns who have discovered the secret to branding.


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