5 Branding Books to Read When You're Stuck



Building and maintaining a brand can be hard. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you'll have to work twice as hard to a build with exceptional value. However, we live in a day where business owners have access to an overwhelming variety of resources to help them out. As an entrepreneur, we know you're always learning and working (and sometimes re-working), so we've compiled our top 5 books on branding to read when your stuck.

5 Branding Books to Read When You're Stuck

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1. Hello My Name is Awesome - Alexandra Watkins

Although most would argue that choosing a brand name is one of the last things to do when creating a brand, Alexandra Watkins grasps the magnitude of selecting a good brand name. Not only does an effective name help with brand recognition, but brand recall as well. If you're stuck on how to come to a brand name that's just right for you, this is your book.

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2. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action - Simon Sinek

If you're stuck on creating a brand mission or vision statement, Simon Sinek's Start With Why will inspire you to take action. Rather than settling for mediocrity, this book looks at the weapon big industry leaders wielded over their competitors: a why. Sinek's book will not only prompt you to re-evaluate your business goals, but how you present your business as well.

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3. Building a Story Brand - Donald Miller

Building a StoryBrand is overwhelmingly helpful when it comes to creating lasting relationships with your customers. Miller's guide is the perfect resource if you're stuck on content creation. From tips on how to simplify brand messages on how to persuasively relay customer benefits, Building a StoryBrand is your key to building a compelling brand community.

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4. The Brand Gap - Marty Neumeier

The Brand Gap is your book to read if your stuck on how to add that 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' element to your brand. Praised for being relevant to all walks of life, Neumeier's book uses branding to discuss the harmony in approaching every task with both a logical and creative perspective. This branding guide is what you'll need if you're look for a fresh mindset to re-tackle your brand.

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5. Sticky Branding - Jeremy Miller

This book is perfect for you if you're stuck on how to make your brand recognizable. Backed up by at least a decade of research, this book is a more interactive guide with exercises, real life interviews and tried and true tips to help your brand stick. This can be an especially helpful read for you if you're in the process of building a visual and verbal brand identity.


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