4 Reasons to Hire a Design Company in 2019



As your company looks to enter your next fiscal year, you've probably realized that you'll need to do a revamp to keep up with your competitors this year. With the technological evolution taking workplaces by storm, companies are updating their websites, logos and identities more frequently, and with new convenient resources, it can be daunting to keep up. Although it may feel like you're all alone in this endeavor, fear not! This is exactly what your local design companies are here for.

"What's the point in hiring a design company when we can just do everything ourselves?"

Glad you asked.

Here's 4 reasons why you should be hiring a Design Company in 2019:

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1. An Outside Opinion

When inviting a fresh set of eyes to audit your work, the criticism can be scary. At the same time, most design studios will break the news to you gently. By getting the opinion of an outside professional, you avoid the somewhat biased opinion of someone who may work under you. Whether it's the fact that it may be work they had input in, or that they're reluctant to give criticism to a supervisor or boss, fellow employees are not the best people to consult when looking for a brutally honest dissection of your company. At the same time, asking someone outside the company like a friend or family member can be embarrassing, and unfruitful as well. They may not have the professional insight you are seeking, and may not understand certain protocols or requirements for your company - not to mention familiarity may un-filter critical comments. However, it's still important to use your discretion when selecting a design company to perform an audit for your brand.  Use your perception to determine whether the advice of a company is genuine, or if they're just looking to get more out of you.

2. Decentralization

This just means dispersing the deciding power for important decisions over a company. Managing a company's image  is a time consuming job which comes with a lot of weight and expectations. Essentially, anyone who works on a company's logo, website or social media has the final say in how the company is displayed to the world. This type of responsibility can hardly be a one person job. Hiring a design studio puts this responsibility in the hands of a team who are familiar with working collaboratively. While you'll head the vision and direction of these projects, the design team will execute your ideas in the most effective way. Rather than leaving this job to one or two internal workers, hiring a design team takes that responsibility off of a few people onto many, and often after the service is complete, you will be left with resources or a guide on how to maintain the work - a job that almost anyone in the company can help out with.

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3. Specialized Professionals

The best part about hiring a design team is their professional expertise. Design teams are broken up into a group of professionals who each specialize in their own knowledge. Members each specialize in skills like graphic design, photography, web design, content creation, social media and copywriting, to deliver the most informed finished product. While these professionals are required to continually improve and update their skills and certifications, they also must be highly familiar with what happens in their own industries. This keeps their studios up to date on industry trends, new resources and technologies, movements from industry leaders and of course, the strategies of their competitors. At the same time, design studios have access to professional resources and software, and knowledge of which ones work best. Because studios have skilled workers in almost every digital area, you have the flexibility to ask for a partial or full pack, depending on what you decide you need after a consultation.

4. Save on Time + Human Capital

The main reason to use a Design Company is to save on time and energy your workers could be inputting elsewhere. If you belong to a smaller firm, chances are you have workers doubling up on jobs to take care of managing your website and social media. It's understandable to want to save money this way at a small firm, but this can end up hurting your company in the long run. Workers with too much on their plates tend to spread themselves thin - rather than taking their time to produce thoughtful, high quality content, they may focus on quick completion in order to move on to their next task. Although their work may not be terrible, it may meet its full potential. If you're from a larger firm, you may have hired a small team of professionals to look after these areas. However, if you've hired these workers in a permanent position, you may be continually spending money, where a design firm can do the same things for you periodically. Not to say you should fire the team you have now, but instead you can tighten this team and direct their focus towards maintaining the platforms the design company has tailored to you.

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Essentially, hiring a design company can be seen as more of an investment than an expense. The cost of executing self-taught tactics can be both permanent and detrimental to the longevity of your brand. The well rounded insight and technical expertise a design audit can provide you with is priceless in the long run. Design companies have become a crucial cost effective resource, available locally and abroad. As you and your company look to improve in 2019, consider teaming up with a design company to make the uncertain year ahead a little less daunting.


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